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Like This Impact of Vitamin A Deficiency and How to Prevent it

Vitamin A is a type of fat soluble vitamin which is known to be good for eye health and helps repair body cells. If the body lacks vitamin A, there will be a variety of health problems, such as eye disorders, dry skin, to the risk of difficult to obtain offspring. Vitamin A deficiency can happen to anyone, but children and pregnant women are more at risk of experiencing this condition, especially those living in developing countries, including Indonesia. A person can experience vitamin A deficiency due to lack of intake of this vitamin, or due to a disruption in the digestive tract that makes absorption of vitamin A problematic. Recognizing the Impact of Vitamin A Deficiency One of the most common effects of vitamin A deficiency is eye problems, such as macular degeneration, dry eyes, decreased vision, and a corneal disorder called xerophthalmia. Besides disturbing eye health, the effects of vitamin A deficiency that can occur include: 1. Dry skin People who lack vitamin A are
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Tips for Undergoing Fasting for People with High Blood Pressure

Fasting during Ramadan is an obligation for Muslims, which can provide many health benefits. One of them is to reduce high blood pressure. For those of you who suffer from high blood pressure and want to get these benefits, consider the following fasting tips for people with high blood pressure. Basically, people with high blood pressure (hypertension) may fast during Ramadan. People with high blood pressure can also fast, as long as they do not have serious complications. Besides being an obligation, changes in diet and sleep during fasting can help lower blood pressure in people with mild and moderate hypertension. Fasting Tips for People with High Blood Pressure The following are tips for fasting for people with high blood pressure: 1. Go to a doctor Patients with hypertension are advised to carry out routine checks to the doctor, including before fasting. This aims to monitor the condition of hypertension that you experience. After that, the doctor can decide whether you ar

5 Benefits of Sea Fish that Are Missed

Consumption of sea fish for the people of Indonesia has become common, especially for people who live along the coast. Besides having a delicious taste, sea fish also contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial for health. Fish is a food ingredient that is rich in protein, minerals, and healthy fats. In addition, fish also contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K which are needed by the body. Although now omega-3 fatty acid supplements have been sold freely, but you are still advised to get it directly from food, including from sea fish. Benefits of Eating Fish for Health Benefits that you can get from eating sea fish, including: Prevents heart disease Sea fish have high protein and lower cholesterol levels compared to red meat. This makes fish meat a good source of healthy protein for heart health. This fact is also supported by research that shows that regular consumption of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce blood fat levels, thereby reducing the risk o